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Exclusive barbering
with utmost discretion

The ultimate grooming experience for the modern man. The Gentry Barber is perfect for the discerning gentleman who values both his time and appearance,  seeking a premium grooming solution. My expert barbering brings the luxury of a traditional barbershop to your door, ensuring you look and feel your best without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

Whether you're a busy professional, a jet-setting executive, or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in life, my service is tailored to meet your needs. The Gentry Barber specialises in providing a personalised grooming experience that is second to none

Experience the luxury of our private exclusive barbering service. 

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Barbering that travels
to you

The Gentry Barber enables you to enjoy a first-class grooming experience at a time and place that suits you. I arrive at your location fully equipped to create the perfect look, leaving you feeling refreshed and looking your best.


 The Gentry Barber has travelled all over the world for his clients. Some travel hundreds and even thousands of miles to see him.


Your identity and location will always remain private.

Barber tools

The cutting edge

"No point getting my hair cut with anybody else but Andreas. All the others fall short, when you’ve experienced the best."



"Very clean, professional and efficient. I would never go anywhere else for my hair cut."



"I would not go anywhere else. Once you've found the best, my advice is to stick with it."


"As always,
exemplary service."



"I have been going to The Gentry Barber for over 20 years and he never fail to impress."



"I have my hair cut regularly by The Gentry Barber. The quality and exemplary service never changes! If you're going elsewhere, give yourself a treat, you won't be disappointed and you'll be back!"


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